Monday, November 9, 2015

Most lessons in the Zone!

This week was really great!
It snowed!!! I keep bundled up in my sweaters and coat while my companion who is from Idaho goes around in a short shelved shirt !!!

We apparently had the most lessons in the zone! We had about 18 or 19 lessons! This upcoming week is going to be even better! We already have 22 scheduled lessons!!!
We are hoping to get more by doing service with a member kid who went around his cul de sac and said he and the missionaries are going to be serving.  So we hope to share a quick message with each service!

We are also taking a perspective missionary out with us on Thursday and we are going to teach about 4 lessons with him!
We did a lot of member contacting and less active contacting trying to set up lessons with them. So hopefully we will be able to continue the lessons! 

I am loving the work!
I love you all!

-Elder Mackin

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