Tuesday, September 29, 2015

First full week in the field!

Hey everyone!

I am official in the field! I am in the city of Castle Rock! My companion/trainer (for my first 12 week training) is Elder Price from Idaho Falls, he is a great guy! They basically matched our personalities perfectly. He was also home schooled, loves Disney and is a big Scouter- so we have a lot in common and have a lot to talk about. (we have been rocking out to Disney music all week- which IS aloud in our mission :)

Here is a Picture of me and the Mission President and his wife- President and Sister Rehm.

We are staying in Stake Presidency Councilor Walker's home. They are very nice.

 Castle Rock is apparently one of the hardest areas. When I got here we had no investigators and all of our goals are either a 0 or a 1. (except for referrals and AML (Active Member Lessons) which are either 2 or 4). 

Yesterday while track-ting we prayed to know what houses to knock on. For about 5 minuets I had no promptings whatsoever. I then asked if there even was a person that would want to learn. I got the impression that we were not there to convert new members, but we were there FOR the members. 

Our days are booked with track-ting in the morning and evening and then a member dinner and a member lesson. 

We do however have an opportunity to serve a non member, we are going and helping her find her sprinkler heads which were buried because of flooding. 

On our first full day, we biked to a members house to see if we could do service for him (he is an old man) and he asked if we could move his couch for him. So we did. When we went to check on our bikes my companions front tire was flat. We had to walk our bikes about 1 mile to the ward mission leaders house (who we had a meeting with) and he inflated the tire. But it was still leaking so we had to hike about 2 miles home. We got our bikes back on Sunday with my comps bike fixed! 

My comps last comp made me a daily planner cover (photo attached below)so I decided to play along and decorate the back with some stickers! -Notice what they are holding.
When you are a new missionary they call you "green" :)

I am having to get used to the altitude. We saw some kids from the local ward out playing- we joined in in some football. But after a while I had a hard time catching my breath. I guess that comes with serving in the mountains- coming from Texas.

I am LOVING it here! 

Elder Cade Mackin

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Elder Mackin is serving 10 miles from Elder Franklin!

Cade was able to stop by the library today and send me his first address. When I looked it up to figure out where Castle Rock Colorado is...I quickly realized that he was super close to Elder Dillon Franklin. Elder Dillon Franklin is one of Cade's best friends that is serving in the Denver South Mission (Currently serving the Littleton Ward).

I google mapped out their two address and they are literally 10 MILES from each other!

WOW! Really, what are the odds that two guys from Pflugerville Texas both get called to Colorado Missions. But then to have Dillon serve in the Southern most part of his mission and Cade to serve in the Northern most is just Crazy- they are separated by a Hwy. They are serving in two different Stake though ( I Checked :) So they will most likely NOT see each other but I hope they find comfort in knowing they are physically close to their best friend.

Elder Mackins first Snail Mail address is: 597 Sugarfoot St. Castle Rock, Colorado 80108

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bus, Train and Plane to Colorado

Travel composite with plane , suitcase , globe , bus and train — Stock Photo #25556037

Cade left the MTC Monday September 21st along with around 20 other missionaries to Colorado Springs Mission. (Wow does that Mission President have his work cut out for him getting that many new people in one day).

Because there were so many of them they had them put all of their luggage in an enclosed truck to the Salt lake City Airport while they took a city bus to the train station and then the train to the airport.

Cade was able to call from the airport and was able to talk to his mom and dad for 1.5 hours as he waited for plane. (the next time we will get to hear his voice will be Christmas).-

 We spoke about his room mates (all of which were going to Colorado Springs with him), going to the Provo Temple on his Preparation Day, the food, the lessons, etc. His is beginning to see that his most important part of his mission is to love the people and show them the Lord's love for them.

 Due to the day of travel he was not able to email. We should here from him next Monday with mailing address etc.  (Shea's Mondays are pretty crazy with work etc- so most of the time, the Blog will be updated on Tuesdays)

He was chomping a the bit to get out to Colorado and get started.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

After a week of being in the MTC Elder Mackin's first email!


Hey everyone!

 The MTC has been great! I love it here so much!!! My Companion is..... Elder Villaneda! Who is actually Sister. Deidier's nephew!

Let me tell you some of the things I have learned!

First, and for most the biggest thing I have learned is to love my investigators! Originally I thought that the first lesson should be a basic lesson. But no, it is more of a get to know them lesson and ask questions as the spirit directs. Then the next lesson can be tailored to their needs. 

Repentance! I found out the Christ repented! Repentance is when you change actions, thoughts, or ideas and change them to be more in line with God. Before Christ suffered for our sins, He ask if God could take the cup away from him. But He then repented (changed his thoughts) and did what God had sent him there to do.

On Sunday we were able to watch a recording of a talk from Elder Bednar from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He spoke about the character of Christ. MAN I wish it was available to everyone! You can only see it at the MTC!

Something I took away from the talk was when he talked about the little and big plates. The small plates of the Book of Mormon were reserved for spiritual things such as prophecy. The big plates were used for the history of what was happening. When listening to a talk we should not be filling in our big plates (writing down exactly what the speaker said) but we should be filling in our small plates (writing down what the spirit tells us).

My absolutely favorite song is the Army of Helaman, We sing it every day here and it comforts me. But we sing it differently at the MTC. As written it says, "And we will BE the Lords Missionaries, to bring the world his truth." we say "And we are NOW the Lords missionaries, to bring the world his truth".

Makes me cry every single time.

I love you all!

-Elder Mackin

Elder Mackin will be leaving the Missionary Training Center Next Monday September 21st and flying to Colorado Springs to report to his first area! We should here from him next once he is in Colorado.

Elder Mackin's trip to Utah and the MTC

Cade Reported to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) Wednesday September 9th, 2015 to have a 12 day training before heading to Colorado, Colorado Spring Mission for two years.

 Elder Mackin walking to his gate to catch his flight to Utah.

 Before he reported to the MTC he and his mom enjoyed some time together in Utah and visited friends.  

The day before we visited the Salt Lake, Oquirrh Mountain, Bountiful, Draper, Mount Timpanogos, Jordan River, Provo and Provo City Center Temples. We visited the grounds worked and ate in the cafeterias (a new experience for Cade as the Temple in San Antonio does not a have a cafeteria. -btw the Tapioca pudding is the best!)  We have a wonderful memory filled few days!

Cade's last lunch  before his 1:15pm report time was shared with one of his good friends Kelsey!