Monday, November 30, 2015

I got to see Elder Franklin!!!!

I got to see ELDER FRANKLIN!!! One of my best friends from Pflugerville. WOOOO!!! 

My mission allows us to go over mission boundaries to shop at the Walmart. That Walmart just so happens to be the same Walmart Elder Franklin shops at! Right now I am serving in the Northern most point in my mission and he is serving in the southern most point. We are literally just divided by a highway. I feel very blessed to have been able to see my best friend while we are serving missions in two separate Missions none the less. This is something that normally does not happen and will most likely not happen for the next 20 or so months. Most likely one of us or both will be transferred to different areas soon. We got to visit for about an hour. It was Awesome! It was great to see my best friend!

This week we also helped out a few members with setting up Christmas! The Cowans are the only picture I got. they are an amazing family! They make me feel like I'm at home!

We also had Thanksgiving! Woo! We ate at the Weirda"s along with the Ware family and the Huber family. We then went to the Tannyhill"s and watched "Inside Out" (we are allowed to watch one Disney movie on Thanksgiving and one on Christmas!- lucky us most missions are not allowed to do this)

We also had a PI this week (possible investigator) who asked us to come back. But when we got there his father told us to go away because he was catholic. :/ We then went tracting at the apartments and got another PI! He said come back later and we did but he was not home. He was very friendly and we hope he will let us in when we get to him! 

I love you all!

-Elder Mackin

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cherish the Word

Last week our Mission was visited by Elder Nash of the 70! 
( A General Authority of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) 

He spoke with us about how when we are obedient we are blessed. And that we should rely on the Lord. As some of you know I like to ask the question "If you could go back in time and tell give yourself some advice about your mission what would you tell yourself?" I asked this of Elder Nash and he really liked the question. He said "Cherish the Word, Study them, Know the Scriptures so that you can answer questions for Yourself and Others." 

On a  very sad note...I lost my Planner!!! we were tracting and some how my planner fell out of my shirt pocket and is now gone. It stinks! It was a gift to me from the previous Missionary that served in this area.

Something fun---
While at a members house I saw a very familiar looking rocking horse! I looks almost like the one my Great Grandpa Morrison made for my Grandmother when she was little back in the 50's.

The White one is the one I saw in Colorado and the Brown one is the one my Great Grandfather made that is in my family room at home.

Here is a pic of Elder Price and I in between meeting Sunday at church.
 I am loving learning from and serving with this guy!

   Love to all! Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble!
Elder Cade Mackin

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What's with all this white stuff??!?

So snow is very fluffy. And cold! I don't know if I like it or not.....

This week I learned how to shovel snow! We shoveled the Walker's drive way (who's house we live in) and then went and helped a non member who was in a serious bike accident and shoveled her drive way. We then also helped another non member. Then went and helped Brother Manchester - the older man who we helped move his couch. And our investigator Susan!

I made a snow angel and a snow angel Moroni!

There is also some kids in the ward who every time they see me, hug me! When we were over for dinner at their house I noticed a ton of Pokemon cards on the ground. I  asked if they liked Pokemon. They do of course. So we talked about Pokemon after our message. Now they keep asking their parents "when is Elder Mackin coming back to eat?"  :) They are really cool kids!
We have also been taking Max out with us to teach lessons with members! He has gone with us twice so far and we hope he can keep going with us till he leaves! He is leaving on Dec 2nd to the Provo MTC to serve in Argentina! He is going to be an awesome missionary!
So this week we went with one of the Keller kids (the kid dressed as Link for Halloween) and we did service! We raked two peoples yards and one of them is very friendly and kept trying to offer us money but we can't except it. So she instead made us goodie bags filled with candy. 
This week we also visited a past investigator.(he has gone through about 6 sets of missionaries) He is not progressing because he will only join if God physically tells him to join or he sees the Golden Plates. So basically he has no faith. But we visit him every so often to check up on him and let him know we still care about him.
On Saturday we were tracting in area 4 of our ward, when Elder Price and I felt like that was not where we were supposed to be. He had the prompting that we should visit the Kendrick family. When we got there David was upstairs but his wife (who we rarely ever get to talk religion with) was down stairs and let us in. We talked with her and then David came down and talked also. Every time before when we are at the Kendricks David is the one who wants to talk religion and that is basically it. He won't progress he just wants knowledge. But Karen I believe is ready. She talked to us and has lots of questions and believes in God. While David only believes in the possibility of a God he won't say there is one and he won't say there is not. 
This past week we had a total of 24 lessons! and we are trying for more! 
I am LOVING serving and teaching!!!!
I love you all!

-Elder Mackin

Below are two different

Pictures that members sent to me via text!!! I LOVE them!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Most lessons in the Zone!

This week was really great!
It snowed!!! I keep bundled up in my sweaters and coat while my companion who is from Idaho goes around in a short shelved shirt !!!

We apparently had the most lessons in the zone! We had about 18 or 19 lessons! This upcoming week is going to be even better! We already have 22 scheduled lessons!!!
We are hoping to get more by doing service with a member kid who went around his cul de sac and said he and the missionaries are going to be serving.  So we hope to share a quick message with each service!

We are also taking a perspective missionary out with us on Thursday and we are going to teach about 4 lessons with him!
We did a lot of member contacting and less active contacting trying to set up lessons with them. So hopefully we will be able to continue the lessons! 

I am loving the work!
I love you all!

-Elder Mackin

Monday, November 2, 2015

Zelda relates to the gospel

Halloween was on Saturday and we ate at the Keller's house!
And they had awesome homemade costumes! They were amazing!!!!(from left to right) Link between worlds Zelda from Skyward sword and Link from Skyward sword!

I was Elder Mackin-cheese (just for the Trunk-or-treat)

When I found out that the Kids were huge fans of the Video game series Zelda! I decided to share a message about the legend of Zelda and relate it to the gospel!

In one of the games there is a pirate. Who later in the game finds out that she is truly a princess. I then said that we are all princes, and princess of a king, our Heavenly Father. Even if you are a mean old pirate or a hero you are a son or daughter of a God. He loves all of us, each individually. and he knows us better than we know ourselves. 

When we got home we received a text from the mom saying that two of the kids at the house were not members of the church. (they were all getting ready to go trick or treating and sat in for the message) she said it was the perfect message!!!!

So in this Mission you stay with your trainer for 12 weeks! So even though it is transfers this week, I get to stay with Elder Price!  The Next Transfer will be December 15th.

We have been able to teach a lot more this week as well! We have been teaching a lot of members and it's great to be busy every night! It's a really weird to change from "Well we are free every night so pick a night and we will be there!" to "Sorry we are booked that day and this day, can we plan for next week?" It's great to be booked! 

Our possible investigator "Susan" we helped this week as well! When we went over to her house and asked if she had read and prayed she said that the print was too small for her to read! So we are trying to find a large print Book of Mormon!  As for the prayer part; well she did it! but she prayed to Jesus... she said "I felt really uncomfortable praying to Jesus so no I did not get an answer." We explained that we don't pray TO Jesus but to our Heavenly Father! We gave her the "Restoration" pamphlet and taught her the way we pray. She was relieved that we pray to God and Jesus Christ "listens in".

We have also been asked to ask everyone sending mail, to please use the full name (ex: Elder Cade Mackin.) do not just put "Elder Mackin"

I'm excited for the possible snow coming this Thursday. But also glad we have been given a car for the upcoming weather.

I'm LOVING serving the Lord!
Love to all,

 Elder Cade Mackin