Monday, February 29, 2016

Investigators yeah!


This week was somewhat slow. But we did lots of service!! We helped out Sister Cox who is the daughter of a member and we helped the Kendricks' move a lot of furniture.
Cade and Elder Horse? from a District meeting

We also went on exchanges on Friday! (where we swap companions for a day with the District leader)
I went to the Spanish Elders area and had dinner at a house where they only spoke Spanish.
They had me say the prayer. But I was ready to bare my testimony! "Jesucristo muy bien!"

We also had stake conference! We had Elder Deshler of the 70 come and speak to us! 

I love you all!
-Elder Mackin


This is Cade's mom here. I received an awesome text from a great Sister in Colorado where Cade is serving. It brought me to tears and I had to share.

Sister Mackin! I wanted to let you know how much we, especially my boys love Elder Mackin!!!
Before he came, my boys were just lukewarm about missionaries. Then they met your son and everything changed! They have related to/with him in a way I wasn't sure they would with any missionaries, And it was immediate. Now they love to have the missionaries in our home. We will be really sad when he gets transferred. So, as a mother of boys, to a mother of boys, I say thank you for everything you have done to help shape your son into an amazing influence on my sons!
 Celeste McNeil & family


This week was great! 
Tuesday we met with a person who called us asking for reading material about our church. So we  gave him the Book of Mormon, a Bible, and all of the pamphlets we have!
We also taught Sister Cox who is one of the ladies we have been doing service for. We shared about where we came from before this earth, why we are here and where we are going! 

We have also been teaching missionary lessons during church! We have asked people to write down names and pray about how they can help them bring them into the fold! Whether it be inviting them to dinner with the missionary, having them over for Family Home Evening or  bringing them to church.
Or even inviting them to take the missionary discussions!

Cade and the Kendricks' Fat Wiener Dog Dandy!
I love you all!

-Elder Mackin

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pride is like BBQ Sauce of our life!

So this past week we had Zone Conference! 
The quote that I love is from one of our AP (Assistants to the President) 

"Pride is like the Barbecue Sauce of our life!" 

Ok, let me put that into context.

We as missionaries are tools for the spirit. 

(The APs then took a Nerf dart and had some PVC pipe) the Nerf dart represents the message and we are the PVC. He shot the dart out of the PVC but it did not go very far.

(the APs then put PAM cooking spray to "Prime" it) The cooking spray is our preparedness and our studies in the morning. When they shot the dart  with the "primed" PVC the dart  flew very far!

The APs then put BBQ sauce in the tube and said that the BBQ sauce is like the pride in our life. Sometimes we think,
"We already know the scriptures so why study them?" That is like putting BBQ sauce in our PVC.
He then shot it and it fell out in a big BBQ splat (this was in the Gym btw not the chapel :) 

We did a lot of service for members this week.
The Woltuis family (the Brother who I believe is Batman) are moving. They are downsizing from a huge house to a ranch down south. We also helped Sister Cox who is not a member but the daughter of a convert. We helped her move some furniture so she could vacuum!

Don't forget to "prime" each day!!

I love you all!

-Elder Mackin

Monday, February 8, 2016

Snowed in, flat tire and teaching about Lehi

Woo!! Week 3 of training Elder Sanford!!!

He is doing great!!! He and I get along very well together!!! We each teach differently but we both realize that how the other teaches is how we want to learn how to teach! I teach using objects and analogies. He teaches using questions! I need to learn how to ask better questions! So, I will be learning that from him!!!

So Monday we had a snow storm!!!  We got 14.5 inches Monday February 1st, 2016. On top of the 6 inches from the day before. Due to the amount of snow, we got parked at our dinner appointment. (parked means we can't drive anywhere except home IF we feel safe about it) and Elder Sanford being from CA and I from TX we don't like driving in the snow a whole lot. Luckily the Fellows (a terrific family) live close by to where we were having dinner and let us sleep at their house! Tuesday we had 12 MORE inches of snow!! So, were parked the WHOLE DAY! We stayed at the fellows again that night. Wednesday morning the roads were clear so we felt comfortable driving home! 

On Friday we ran over a nail!!! 
Elder Sanford just took hold and did it so I took pictures!!! 

Our dinner appointment had a family emergency and left for Utah- so we went and got sushi from King Supers!!! Yeah Sushi!!!
The possible investigators that we have are doing well!
Tina is from a family of members and has grown up in the church. She is used to having Home and Visiting Teachers come over so she has asked us for those! Yeah!

The Kendricks are still the Kendricks! But we went over to their house on Thursday and shoved their driveway (or what little snow was left). They had a neighbor over (Erick Elder  yea his last name is Elder!) Karen asked us to shovel their front stairs because it was covered in snow up to the door! So we did!

David Kendrick is a talker :) so Elder Sanford went and talked with him (when David talks he carries the whole conversation) so I was able to talk with Mr. Elder! We talked about his religion (Decides of Christ) and we also talked about the Book of Mormon. He asked, " So the people in the book came after Jesus Christ right?" I explained to him that Lehi and his family traveled from Jerusalem about 600 years before Christ's birth. He asked "How did they get there" So I shared with him that they came by a boat that they had built! He also asked how the Aztecs and Mayans fit into the book. I shared that they are decedents of Lehi and his children! 

The work keeps growing but no fruit has been ripened that we have found to pick yet!

I love you all!

-Elder Mackin

Monday, February 1, 2016

I'm a trainer! Possible investigators!!!

So there was transfers last week.
 The Mission President decided to have me stay in Castle Rock and train a  "greenie"!
 A "greenie" missionary is someone straight out of the Missionary Training Center. They are like a green banana that has not ripened :) I picked him up from Colorado Springs Tuesday. That night I had our dinner and two member lesson appointments wearing green shirts for him!

My new companion's name is Elder Sanford!! He is from California and knows how to drive in the snow!!! YAYY!!!! I will be training him here in Castle Rock for the next 12 weeks. By the end of it I will have spent over 25% of my mission in Castle Pines Ward!!! Pretty awesome! I love it here!

My last companion, Elder Hunter was transferred to Limon, CO 

(the plains area).
Here is a picture of Elder Hunter and I (my last comp) and 
Sasha- the dog!

We have a total of about 6 possible investigators!!!

The Tranbergs (part member family)
the Kendricks
The Dwyer Kids
and Yosh!
If you could all please pray that they may feel the spirit in their lives and be directed to the church, so that we can call them investigators officially! That would be great! The more prayers the better!

A little bit about Elder Sanford! 
He is 19 years old and came from the Bay Area of California (Cupertino) and worked at a ski shop! He made about 1/3 to 1/4 of his mission funds from that and playing the video game League of Legends!!! He MADE MONEY PLAYING VIDEOS GAMES!!! SO COOL!!!
He was born in Korea but was adopted at 3 months to a family with a Caucasian dad and a Hispanic mom from El Salvador! He has a younger brother also from Korea (no blood relation) and a older sister born naturally and a sister adopted from Mexico!! He is an amazing teacher and has already started to lead the lessons!! Whoop Whoop!

This week I also gave a talk in church about Feasting on the words of Christ!
The scriptures are amazing and are used for many different things! But the main thing to sum it all up is to help us grow! As we read the scriptures we can find stories that we can liken unto ourselves! For example if you are about to move and change homes and you don't feel good about it follow Nephi's example and pray to know if it is the right thing! 

I love you all!

-Elder Mackin