Monday, November 30, 2015

I got to see Elder Franklin!!!!

I got to see ELDER FRANKLIN!!! One of my best friends from Pflugerville. WOOOO!!! 

My mission allows us to go over mission boundaries to shop at the Walmart. That Walmart just so happens to be the same Walmart Elder Franklin shops at! Right now I am serving in the Northern most point in my mission and he is serving in the southern most point. We are literally just divided by a highway. I feel very blessed to have been able to see my best friend while we are serving missions in two separate Missions none the less. This is something that normally does not happen and will most likely not happen for the next 20 or so months. Most likely one of us or both will be transferred to different areas soon. We got to visit for about an hour. It was Awesome! It was great to see my best friend!

This week we also helped out a few members with setting up Christmas! The Cowans are the only picture I got. they are an amazing family! They make me feel like I'm at home!

We also had Thanksgiving! Woo! We ate at the Weirda"s along with the Ware family and the Huber family. We then went to the Tannyhill"s and watched "Inside Out" (we are allowed to watch one Disney movie on Thanksgiving and one on Christmas!- lucky us most missions are not allowed to do this)

We also had a PI this week (possible investigator) who asked us to come back. But when we got there his father told us to go away because he was catholic. :/ We then went tracting at the apartments and got another PI! He said come back later and we did but he was not home. He was very friendly and we hope he will let us in when we get to him! 

I love you all!

-Elder Mackin

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