Tuesday, October 20, 2015


This week was pretty good!
We have been busy serving both members and non members. We used a members metal detector  to help a non member we tracted out to find his sprinkler heads that have gotten buried over time. He is starting to warm up to us and having us over again.
It's interesting how love works on a mission. Missionaries tend to adopt certain family's and well I just want to adopt everyone!!!! Everyone here is amazing! There is one family that we have been doing service for and Elder Price and I are pretty sure he is Batman.
 Reasons being
1. When I asked him if he had a book shelf that lead to a secret room he said if he had one he wouldn't tell me.
2. There is a big black tarp that looks like it could be covering the Batmobile.
3. I haven't seen him and Batman in the same place at the same time.
4. He sounds like batman.
So. I am pretty sure I met Batman on my mission. ;)
Teaching opportunities:
We have been teaching lessons and devotionals to member families every day.
We get to teach the temple prep class - I'm excited for this.
We have been asked to teach the Mission Prep Class to the Priests- this will be fun!
I am definitely here for the members of this ward!
I Love you all!

-Elder Mackin

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