Monday, April 18, 2016

Lots of Snow, Cooking, Sewing and a Cut

My mom had a VERY busy Month and is doing ONE post for all of my last month :)



We shoveled about 10 driveways within 3 days. My back wants to die!!!
We stayed home all of Wednesday. and we shoveled our own drive way 3 times, we got about 2 feet.
 That entire day and it was the wet heavy stuff.
We had the Kendricks at church again this week! They actually invited there friend to come and he came! 

Mission President said I am about 99%getting transferred on the 26th. ( will have been in my first Area/serving in the same ward for 7 1/2 months. I have grown to love these people and will miss them so much.
(This is me playing Pokemon with one of my favorite families on Pday)

Kendricks are good but still not interested in getting baptized.

My companion Elder Sanford rocks!!! I am going to miss him, hold on while I cry.
Brother and Sister Lewis(whom we live with) are super Rad!  They are funny and nice and we talk a lot with them its very different then the Walkers. (I love the Walker too!)

Brother Meno (who I talked about before is considered A NEW INVESTIGATOR!!!)

Weather is nicer now that here is no snow but my back is killing me still.

Elder Sanford did not put on my car snow shield thingon right and it broke so Sister Lewis taught me how to sew!

This week we did a lot of exchanges!! (we swap companions for a day) On Tuesday I stayed in our area and got Elder Tibbits (our zone leader) we did a lot of service for Terri Cox. we moved rail road ties for her (super heavy) it made me think of how heavy the cross was for Christ.
Friday we had zone training again and we did exchanges this time with the district leaders I had Elder Cluff. 

So I have been talking with members a lot about some cool stories they have encountered.

There is a tribe or group in Canada that say their ancestors came in Clams with Glowing Pearls.

That sure sounds like the following story from the Book of Mormon to me :) Take a look- 

There is a group in Paraguay that says Christ visited their ancestors.

Brother Lindeman (my ward mission leader) went on a tour to the Mayan temples and things like that. The tours guides didn't know why there were 2,000 warrior statues....

This week it snowed!!! And right after I sent home all of my snow gear of course!!!! So we stayed in and shoveled snow! The Lewis's raised 3 boys so they had snow gear for me to borrow!
We had to cancel dinner with the Wares so because of all the snow and the Lewis's had us for dinner instead :) 

Sister Lewis asked me to cut some bread and I cut my finger!!!! YAY!!! (it's kind of funny because about 3 weeks ago sister Lewis dropped a knife and caught the blade and cut herself) she has some very sharp knives and she likes to sharpen them whenever they seem dull. They are VERRY sharp!!!  

Elder Sanford also taught me how to melt chocolate-which I am now figuring out what candies I can melt! (dumdums do not work....)  

***My mom also received the following written inside the flap of one of the boxes
 I send home this week.

Dear Elder Mackin's family-

My name is Elder Sanford, and I am Cade's trainee that he received in January. He is my "missionary father" He is sending this box to his home so I decided I could thank you guys for everything Elder Mackin has done for me. We get along like best friends. He is super nice and everybody in the ward loves him. Sometimes we joke that we are going to be companions for the rest of our missions!! Wouldn't that be great! He loves and misses you guys a lot. I hear tons of stories about you all and wish I could meet you guys. He is doing the Lords work, and is a great example to me.

I wish you well. Elder Sam Sanford

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