Monday, March 21, 2016

Cool Lamp!

March 21, 2016T

This week was awesome!!! 

Tuesday we visited the Fellows and helped her move some bags of stucco. We also accidentally let her dog out so we went and got her.

 Friday we got snowed in so we were not able to do a whole lot.

Saturday though we vested the Menos and talked to him! We also taught the Tranburgs and we invited him to church!
Elder Sanford played the Piano in church so we were able to have the Kendricks come as well! The Kendricks said they would come next week for Easter!! :D 

The Kendricks also gave me a Nazi lamp! (it's not really a Nazi lamp but looks like it could be)

 I will be sending it home!

Love to all!
-Elder Mackin

PS I'm missing Torchy's Tacos :(

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