Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pride is like BBQ Sauce of our life!

So this past week we had Zone Conference! 
The quote that I love is from one of our AP (Assistants to the President) 

"Pride is like the Barbecue Sauce of our life!" 

Ok, let me put that into context.

We as missionaries are tools for the spirit. 

(The APs then took a Nerf dart and had some PVC pipe) the Nerf dart represents the message and we are the PVC. He shot the dart out of the PVC but it did not go very far.

(the APs then put PAM cooking spray to "Prime" it) The cooking spray is our preparedness and our studies in the morning. When they shot the dart  with the "primed" PVC the dart  flew very far!

The APs then put BBQ sauce in the tube and said that the BBQ sauce is like the pride in our life. Sometimes we think,
"We already know the scriptures so why study them?" That is like putting BBQ sauce in our PVC.
He then shot it and it fell out in a big BBQ splat (this was in the Gym btw not the chapel :) 

We did a lot of service for members this week.
The Woltuis family (the Brother who I believe is Batman) are moving. They are downsizing from a huge house to a ranch down south. We also helped Sister Cox who is not a member but the daughter of a convert. We helped her move some furniture so she could vacuum!

Don't forget to "prime" each day!!

I love you all!

-Elder Mackin

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