Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bus, Train and Plane to Colorado

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Cade left the MTC Monday September 21st along with around 20 other missionaries to Colorado Springs Mission. (Wow does that Mission President have his work cut out for him getting that many new people in one day).

Because there were so many of them they had them put all of their luggage in an enclosed truck to the Salt lake City Airport while they took a city bus to the train station and then the train to the airport.

Cade was able to call from the airport and was able to talk to his mom and dad for 1.5 hours as he waited for plane. (the next time we will get to hear his voice will be Christmas).-

 We spoke about his room mates (all of which were going to Colorado Springs with him), going to the Provo Temple on his Preparation Day, the food, the lessons, etc. His is beginning to see that his most important part of his mission is to love the people and show them the Lord's love for them.

 Due to the day of travel he was not able to email. We should here from him next Monday with mailing address etc.  (Shea's Mondays are pretty crazy with work etc- so most of the time, the Blog will be updated on Tuesdays)

He was chomping a the bit to get out to Colorado and get started.

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