Monday, July 25, 2016

Pioneer Days Fun!

This week was Manassa and Sanford Pioneer Days! It's a 3 day long clebration!

These small towns in Colorado celebrate their Pioneer Heritage with Parades, a Carnival, Rodeo and Demolition Derby! Our Zone or Area of Elders and Sister all got to participate. I have really be looking forward to this weekend because when my dad served here 23 years ago he participate in this same event. I am really glad I was here for it.

On Thursday July 21st was Sanford Celebration we enjoyed a small town parade. After the parade a member of the church who owns a shaved ice stand gave us some really good shaved ice!

Friday and Saturday were amazing! Manassa Pioneer Days! We walked in the parade both Friday and Saturday and had a blast! We sung lots of hymns! 

After the parades we mainly stayed at our Mission booth because the rides were not free and they were really expensive.

We did see the Rodeo. My favorite things was the Demolition Derby! I really want to attend more of these because they were a blast!! People drive their junky cars into each other and crash throughout the arena.  

Here are pictures from Friday's parade that my mom found on Facebook- I forgot my camera...But another missionary is going to share their photos with me so hopefully I can send some more later:

Here come the Missionaries- really were else do Missionaries walk in a parade :)

I am the Elder with the Grey pants that you can see between 
the Sister in the White and the Sister in the Red.

They had amazing floats- people go all out!

The kids riding the sheep was fun!

A member ran a burger stand and let all the missionaries have as many burgers as we wanted! I am burgered out!

I love you all!

-Elder Mackin

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