Sunday, July 3, 2016

June brought Cleaning, BBQs and Births

One Blog update for all of June....


When we went to the Sand Dunes we found a less active member of the church. We spoke with him Friday about some of the concerns and why he had not been to church in awhile. The next morning on Saturday we spent the morning with him and made cheese! That was pretty cool! On Sunday he came to church. Yeah!


Elder Dune was transferred. Now it is back to two- Elder Guerrero and I serving in Antonito's small branch here is Southern Colorado.

This week we cleaned the apartment. It was a MESS! It had been a mess when I arrived. It we took TOW DAYS to clean it all. Thursday we had an inspection on the cleanliness. We got one point off because we did not clean the oven. ( We have never even used it and didn't think about it.) So oven cleaning is on the to do list for this week.

We tried visiting people this week but no one was home. *Summer vacation etc.

Friday I ran the District meeting and we did our laundry at the Sanford, CO missionaries apartment. They are 3 towns away but they have a washer and drier and we do not- so we can do it there for free).

While we were at the Sanford Elder's Apartment a member came knocking on the door.
He had an emergency with his oat! We quickly went over and I held the horns of the goat while he helped the mamma goat give birth!!!!

Yep I Helped birth a goat while on my mission. Crazy right?!?

We also did some service for a member family by picking up trash long the side of the road by their house so they would not get a ticket.

On Saturday we helped a less active member pull weeds. We then went to visit with a member of the branch and he invited us to a community BBQ. (there were a bunch of hippies- no weed though :)


This week we had specialized training and we talked about how we can help our investigators come to know the Book of Mormon is true. We have been teaching the Guerrero Family. They are doing well. Life is very busy for them and they have have very little time to read the Book Of Mormon.

Love to all!

Elder Cade Mackin

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