Wednesday, December 16, 2015


YAY!!! DONE WITH TRAINING!!! Training is 12 weeks (2 transfers) and I am done!

On Saturday we got a call letting us know that Elder Price will be leaving on Tuesday. We go to the Mission Office on Tuesday and have transfer meetings and I will recive my new companion that day. Then that new companion and I will head back to Castle Rock (the place I have been the last 12 weeks) and work there for at least the next 6 weeks.

Christmas time!!! It's been hard and awesome during Christmas while on a mission!! The hard part is not being able to watch Christmas movies. But we have recived many presents from the ward members which is amazing!!! The Young Women in teh ward got Elder Price and I, each a pair of socks, a mug, and some flavored hot coco packets!!! The activity day girls made us a Christmas sign that we have hung (forgot to take a picture sorry) and the Clarks got us some really good cookies!!! 

Its funny how other religions don't believe that we believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior... We knocked on a door this week and when he opened it he said we are Lutheran and we worship Jesus Christ you should come worship with us on Sunday! (and he gave us the address) we then said we do to! It's here on our name tags! 
He then said well we believe he is the Savior. and we quickly replied yes, we do to! We are actually out today sharing a message that a Savior is born! (showed him the card for the Christmas video) and we then invited him to church and he said good bye.

We also were tracting and had a funny experience! It was my turn to knock the door! I knocked and the door opened! and before I could even say hello. HE INVITED US IN!!! We went in and he said "I love talking religion!" and Elder Price and I thought "oh crap he is going to bible bash us!!!" he then said, " I have a ton of friends that are LDS and I know how hard it is for you guys getting doors slammed in your face all day would you like something to drink?" 
HE WAS AWSOME!!! We shared a message with him and got to know him a bit! He might not take the lessons but he is someone we can visit and talk to!

Merry Christmas everyone and remember the reason for the season. 

Elder Cade Mackin

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